Real World Bedding In A Bag - Grasses For Deer

Real World Bedding In A Bag - Grasses For Deer

Feb 10th 2020

Real World Bedding-In-A-Bag - Bedding Grasses For Whitetail Deer

If you are looking for a way to get more deer to bed on your property you mostly likely are going to need more thick cover. That is where Real World Bedding In A Bag comes in. 

RWWP Bedding In A Bag is a blend of special varieties of Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, and Switchgrass. This blend has been tested and tested again. Specific varieties were selected. The end goal was to come up with a mix that grew the thickest, tallest and that would stand the best providing the best cover that mature whitetails seek out. If you think about it why would a mature buck not want to find areas like that.

Getting Real World Bedding In A Bag growing is simple if you pay attention to a few details. First off it is best to have an area of at least 5 acres or more. Whitetail just prefer to bed in larger areas when planted into grasses. Make sure this will not be a super wet area as Bedding In A Bag prefers well drained soil. Also make sure to spray any existing weeds so you won't be behind the eight ball right off the batt. You will need about 7 pound per acre if you will be drilling the seed and slightly more if you plan on broadcasting. Make sure before planting that the ground temperature in at least 60 degrees and there are no big cold fronts in the forecast. Once established it can also be burned like you would a CRP planting.

So if you have some open ground that you want to convert into a deer bedding area take a serious look at the Real World Bedding-In-A-Bag seed blend.

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