Real World Switchgrass - Whitetail Habitat

Real World Switchgrass - Whitetail Habitat

Mar 11th 2020

Real World Switchgrass - Improve Your Whitetail Habitat

If you are looking to improve your hunting properties habitat take a look at Real World Switchgrass. RWWP Switchgrass will grow taller and stand better than your general Cave-In-Rock varieties. Deer love to use Switchgrass for both bedding and cover and the better the cover the more they will use it.

Real World Switchgrass is the same high quality Switchgrass that is used in the RWWP Bedding-In-Bag mix. So why not just plant Real World Bedding-In-A-Bag? Because in low lying areas the other native seeds will not survive when the conditions get really wet. For bottomland the best grass seed it straight switchgrass as it will handle the wet soil when it happens. Areas close to creeks, rivers, swamps and marshes for example are great places to plant switchgrass.

Real World Switchgrass also works great for screening your food plots. It grows up to 7' to 8' tall and gives the deer a nice soft edge or transition next to a woodlot for example. Switchgrass also works great for covering up access routes to and from your deer stands and leaving you undetected. 

So if you have been thinking about adding some cover to your hunting grounds this season take a look at the Real World Switchgrass. And remember that if you are looking to strictly add bedding area that bigger is most often better.

Real World Switchgrass

The Ultimate Switchgrass Screen

This variety of Switch can also be used in the ultimate screen along roads, food plots, property lines etc. For best results the screen needs to be around 15' wide or so. Start prepping the area in late summer and fall by killing all the vegetation by spraying then working the ground until you get a good seed bed. Come back in the second half of winter and broadcast the seed (Frost Seed) on the area you prepared. Once the weather turns warmer keep an eye on the weeds as it is best to spray early to keep the weeds knocked down. Now the fun part. Get enough Real World Giant Miscanthus to plant 3 - 4 rows right down the middle of the Switchgrass and watch it all grow. With proper maintenance and moisture you will end up with a screen that will be tall and thick and last for year to come.

Keep in mind that these two products are seasonal and have to be ordered early to insure availability.