Spartan GoLive Trail Camera - Live Streaming Trail Cameras

Spartan GoLive Trail Camera - Live Streaming Trail Cameras

Jan 29th 2021

Spartan GoLive Trail Camera  - New Products 2021

Spartan Camera continues to improve and advance there trail cameras each and every year. Last year it was announced that they would be coming out with a with a real time version of the Ghost camera. Named the Spartan GoLive trail camera.  Well folks it is here and we are already starting to ship them out.

This camera is built off of the Ghost platform. It gets the same GPS tracking feature as the original Ghost models. It also gets all of the other features that the Ghost had like the threaded power cord, runs off of 12 volts and has a Preinstalled SIM Card.  It also comes with the fast and easy Setup Wizzard that we all love.

The GoLive features : Powerful Live Streaming - You can now watch what is happening right in front of your camera at any time you choose. It streams video and sound @ 30 fps. You do need to use the app for this feature! You can live stream for as long as you wish....for up to 15 minutes. This will be a great camera for not only hunting but security as well. 

This new camera also can take pictures at the same time that it is transmitting them. That means there will be less chance of missing anything. This mean you will get more info on what is truly going on. This camera really has so many options and features it is hard to list them all.

The Spartan GoLive is the most advanced. versatile trail camera on the market. I can not think of any camera on the market right now that has and performance and features of this camera. We cannot wait to get ours out in the field and put it to the test.

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