Best Clover Seed Blend For Deer? Food Plotting.

Best Clover Seed Blend For Deer? Food Plotting.

Apr 24th 2023

So what is the best clover seed blend for deer? The real answer is well nobody can really prove that there is a "best" one.

  Well we are not saying that you should just go out and buy the cheapest clover blend on the shelf and throw it in on the ground and hope for the best.  What you want to do is study the seed tags and go for one that has a high germination rate and lower inert matter.

  Look for a clover blend that has a higher end germination rate of at least 80%. Preferably 85% or higher. Make sure it is not old seed by looking at the testing date on the tag as well. Now lets do a little math.  Lets say you have container of 10lbs of seed you can figure that if you have 10% Inert matter and and a 80% germ rate you will only have about 72% of the seed by volume that will actually grow. 

Best Clover Seed For Deer - Real World Clover & Chicory

 Real World Wildlife Products Clover And Chicory - Our Go To Blend


  Cheaper is generally not better almost all of the time.  A lot of seed companies add extra seed coating to make it seem you are getting a big bag of seed for the money but you are really just buying seed coating.  Some coatings have a real positive purpose like to help with germination etc. And some of the coatings are just for looks.

  Our go to clover seed blend is now Real World Clover & Chicory. Why? Because it is proven time and time again.  We are always getting positive feed back. When you get a bunch of good feed back from customers is says a lot about the product.

  Real World Wildlife Products - Clover & Chicory is not by any means the cheapest and also there is no way to prove that is the very best but we can honestly say that is has to be at or near the top of the clover list and we are confident that you will be happy with this blend provided that you maintain it as recommended.

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