Deer Food Plot Seed - Get The Best Results

Deer Food Plot Seed - Get The Best Results

Apr 9th 2024

Deer Food Plot Seed - No Magic Blend

    Spring is the time of year when everyone starts talking to their buddies about the deer food plot seed blend they are going to plant for food plots and how it is going to be the best year ever just because they discovered this little secret special seed mix. 

  It is though very true that some deer food plot seed brands or blends do have better performance then others because of the amount of testing they have done but most now days are pretty good.  Here are a few things more important then the blend of seed you are buying.  If you want to your food plots to be a success this year try and do these things if applicable.

Deer Food Plot Seed - Deadly Dozen

Do a soil test - Do a soil test and add fertilizer and lime as needed. It does not matter what seed you are planting, it will always do better in the right soil conditions. Don't skimp on this!

Follow the planting instructions - Many food plotters are careless when planting and plant a ton of the seed to deep in the soil and then wonder why nothing came up. A ton of seeds only need to be planted 1/4" deep.  Follow the instructions or ask someone with knowledge for advice.   

Don't plant fall blends in the spring - We here it all the time. People are planting fall seeds in the spring so by fall the plants are all done growing and no longer attractive to the deer.  Spring is for clover, corn, soybeans etc.

Use herbicides often and correctly - Every type of food plot will require different care with herbicides.  Become a mad scientist and study the chemicals that are right for your plot. Timing is also huge. And do you Pre emergent herbicides when possible.

Follow these steps and quit wasting time looking for the magic Deer Food Plot Seed blend.  You just need to purchase your seed from a company with a good reputation.  Of course we recommend Real World Wildlife Products seed as we are a dealer but we know the seed blends and their potential.  Go the extra mile this year getting your seed bed prepped and the results will speak for the themselves.