Best Corn For Food Plots - Food Plot Seed

Best Corn For Food Plots - Food Plot Seed

Dec 6th 2021

Want to plant the best corn for food plots - food plot seed?

Thousands and thousands of hunters and land managers plant corn to some degree on their property. Small corn planters are everywhere now days so it seems to be maybe even one of the more popular things to plant. Corn food plots are planted in many shapes and sizes with different purposes and goals in mined. It can even be planted for a cover or a screen.  

Best corn for food plot screens.

Just about any variety will do. If you are using the corn on your property for a screen by all mean just buy or get the cheapest corn seed available with a good germ rate and fertilize the heck out of it and it should grow good and tall and provide screening and cover for your deer. 

Best corn for food plots - Better option for better nutrition

Things have just changed. For years and years hunters were out just planting corn. Most of the time nobody had a clue what kind they were planting other than if it was conventional or glyphosate tolerant.  Corn was just corn and that was that. It was thought that all the deer liked all the corn the same and for the most part that was probably true.  

In recent years guys Real World Wildlife Products started researching different types of corn and started testing to see which hybrids the deer liked the most. As it turns out the deer prefer a type of corn that is also the highest in nutrition. This is not a corn that is planted by modern farmers. It has be tested and proven to be the most attractive and nutritious corn for whitetail deer and it is called Nutri-Crave Corn. Finally someone took the time and came up with a better option than just an old bag of corn seed.

Why is this Real World Nutri-Crave Corn so good? In recent tests done by RWWP it has been found to have almost double the protein vs ag corn. It also carries 3 times more fat content than modern day corn planted by farmers. And that's not all. It also had better figures for phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc, iron and manganese.

Nutri-Crave Corn has over 200% more calories by volume as the farmers field next door and that is why you need to try a bag for yourself and let the deer make the decision for you. Keep in mind that this corn is non-GMO so you cannot use Roundup on it but there are still some good options for keeping the weeds at bay.

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