Real World Plot Topper Seed Blend - Food Plots

Real World Plot Topper Seed Blend - Food Plots

Jul 1st 2021

What makes the Real World Plot Topper Seed Blend the best brassica food plot mix for your food plots? We have been getting a lot of questions recently about the blend so here are some key points

  Real World Plot Topper has the highest quality, freshest seeds available. Which means you will get better and more consistent germination. More seeds will germinate and get established per each pound of seed vs most other branded blends.

  Plot Topper has the most variety of plants of any brassica mix. It contains eight different species in which whitetail deer seem to prefer. It also means that certain plants will mature at different times of the season so the deer will be using the food plot more consistently thru the fall.

  Like most brassicas mixes the Real World Plot Topper seed blend if very easy and simple to plant. Just be sure to not broadcast to thick or plant deep. We don't recommend dragging this seed in but rather pack it in or simply just let a good rain set the seed into the seed bed. Dragging or disking into the soil will more than likely get the seed to deep.  This blend can also be used in certain No Till drills.

Real World Plot Topper

  Brassicas like the Plot Topper mix like a good amount of nitrogen. Even if your soil is in great shape via a soil test adding some extra nitrogen will get you most tonnage and big bulbs. So we recommend side dressing your Plot Topper with a little extra nitrogen after most of the plants have grown up to about five inches or so.

  This food plot mix is vary universal on how and where it can be planted. You can plant it alone by itself at 6lbs per acre or you can plant 3lbs per acre with 50lbs of Real World Harvest Salad and you will then have the Deadly Dozen food plot. You can also add it to forage oats or an existing soybean food plot.  If adding to soybeans broadcast 3lbs per acre to soybean in late summer when the leaves on the soybeans start to turn yellow.

  When if comes to planting food plots with brassica blends and mixtures we feel that the Real World Plot Topper really is a step above the rest. Please let us know if you have any other questions at all. If you are looking to try a plot with the RWWP Plot Topper this coming season we sell the Real World Plot Topper seed blend in 3lb jugs or 24lb bags follow the links to purchase. 3 lbs 1/2 Acre Or the 24 lbs 4 Acres

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