Best Fall Food Plot Seeds? For Whitetail Deer

Best Fall Food Plot Seeds? For Whitetail Deer

Jul 11th 2022

What is the Best Fall Food Plot Seeds?

  Every year at about this time of the season we get a ton of questions on what is the best fall food plot seeds.  No matter what type of ground you have and how big the plot. If you want something that is easy to grow and something that has great attraction is we always end up recommending the Real World Deadly Dozen seed blend. 

  What makes the Real World Deadly Dozen the best fall food plot seed blends. It's really simple. It has the most variety of top quality seeds of any fall blend. And it has been tested and proven to be the best. Real World Wildlife Products does side by side testing of their products for years before they bring it to market.

  What you get is a dozen varieties of the best seed you can get. And you simply will not find a seed blend that is easier to plant and have the same results with another brand of seed. Do yourself a favor and get some Real World Deadly Dozen this year.

Some of the seeds in Real World Deadly Dozen are treated to help germination and fight disease.

  These reddish orange colored seeds are not colored just for good looks like some seed companies do. Real World seed coatings actually have a purpose and help you get a better healthier food plot.

 There are two ways to purchase the Deadly Dozen mixture.

  You can simply buy Deadly Dozen in 12.5lb 1/4 acre bags that are already mixed and ready to plant or for larger food plot you want to buy 2 - 25lb bags of Real World Harvest Salad and 1 - 3lb jug of Real World Plot Topper and this will cover one full acre.

  When planting Harvest Salad and Plot Topper to get the = Deadly Dozen. Plant your Harvest Salad first and drag or pack it in. Then broadcast the Plot Topper in after. This just seems to work the best as you don't want to get the smaller seeds of Plot Topper more than a 1/4 " deep.

  Other best fall food plot seeds and ideas. More variety the better!

  I you feel like you already have enough Deadly Dozen planted on you property you can also create more diversity by planting some Real World Chicory And Clover in some smaller kill plots and Real World also has a great fast growing forage oats that comes in 50# 1 acre bags that are great when time is running short. You can even throw a few soybeans in the oats plot to add some forage great early season attraction.

Please contact us for any questions at all.