Tactacam Reveal X Pro - New Trail Camera

Tactacam Reveal X Pro - New Trail Camera

Aug 3rd 2022

Tactacam Reveal X Pro - New Trail Camera

    Tactacam is again pushing the limits forward in the trail camera industry with its new Reveal X Pro cellular trail camera.  This new camera does not look a whole lot different than previous Reveal models but it has a bunch of updates and features.

   The first thing that stands out it the fact that it has a viewing screen. This is the first REVEAL camera that has one and we think a lot of people will prefer this as now you don't have to use the WIFI feature on you phone to aim the camera plus you can change settings on the screen.  It will be more user friendly for hunters that are quite as phone savvy.

  The Tactacam Reveal X Pro also gets the GPS feature which is almost getting to be standard on a lot of cellular cameras these days.

  It also has a black flash or black out camera which means that there is no visible flash. So this camera is basically the newest replacement of the hot selling XB model.

  The new X Pro still has the dual SIM cards and you can still request HD videos and pictures so quite a few things still remain the same.

  Quite possibly two of the best things about the new X Pro that we were told is that this new Pro will have even better battery life which is never a bad thing plus this new model will also transmit your pictures faster. Which means things are getting closer to real time. 

  So there it is. More performance and features then before. All of this for a camera that is priced really well. Let know if you have any questions at all. If you are in the market for a Reveal Cellular Trail Camera visit https://www.wallhangerfoodplots.com/tactacam-reveal-cameras/