Best Soybeans For Deer - Real World

Best Soybeans For Deer - Real World

Feb 10th 2020

Best Soybeans For Deer - Real World

There are some deer hunters and land managers that have never planted soybeans for deer. When it comes to food plots for whitetail deer soybeans rank pretty high in the real world. They offer high protein, nutrition and attraction for most of the whole season. There are so many good reasons to add soybeans to your food plot program and with the newer soybean seed technologies like Glyphosate Tolerance makes it easier than ever before.

Don't waste another season. Plant Real World Soybeans!

If your soybean plots has been mediocre at best and you have done your soil tests etc it's maybe time for you to switch to a different soybean. Real World Wildlife Products has made it easy to simple purchase the best soybean seed for your whitetails without doing all kinds of trials and errors on your own. Let's face it, there are only so many hunting seasons in your lifetime so why waste any on food plot failures. 

Real World Soybeans have been tested extensively!! RWWP soybeans were tested for food plots.

- Each bag no matter if it's the northern or southern blend come not with just one variety but upto 4 different varieties which works way better in a food plot situation.

- They are Glyphosate Tolerant so keeping the weeds at bay is very easy. Simply spray them with the readily available herbicide.

- Higher oil content that other ag beans which make them more attractive and nutritious to the deer.

- Another big one is the fact that the Real World variety of soybeans are bred to be shatter resistant. This means that there will be little beans laying in the dirt come the middle of January when the deer need them the most.

- Confidence - The Real World guys always say Dare To Compare! And they say this with confidence. Why not plant something that will give you the confidence to get out there and plant the food plot in the first place! As long as you get your soil in decent shape with testing and fertilizer you will have a recipe for a great soybean food plot this season.

As you can see there are so many reasons to plant soybeans for deer. Maybe the best reason is to just have the best hunting season ever next season. Even if you don't plant the RWWP soybeans we encourage you to at least try some kind of modern soybean seed in you food plots this season. And if you want the best plant Real World Soybeans for your deer.

And lastly if you have been doing soybean food plots for sometime we encourage to try even 1 bag of the RWWP soybeans and plant it right next to the others you have been using so you can see the difference.