Frigid Forage Big N Beasty Planting Dates

Frigid Forage Big N Beasty Planting Dates

Jun 18th 2019

Frigid Forage Big N Beasty Planting Dates - Best Time To Plant Big N Beasty Brassicas

This is a popular question that comes up a lot this time of year. When should you be planting your Big N Beasty food plots? There are a few things to consider when deciding when is the absolute best time for the Big N Beasty seeds to sown.

The farther north your location the earlier it can be planted. Basically you are trying to target good growth for around 60 days. That means it needs roughly 60 days of growing season without a hard frost. In central Minnesota we like to get planted before the end of July. Here we can get a hard frost by the end of September but of course every year is different. 

Try and figure out your average first frost dates for your area and count back about 60 days and that is going to be the ideal time for your area. 

You also need rain!! If it is extremely dry at the time you wish to plant sometimes it's better to hold off and wait for rain. Planting right before a rain is always the best. Get all of your plots prepped, sprayed and fertilized ahead of time so you don't have to rush to get it all done right before a rain system moves in.

If you end up running behind and planting later than what you were hoping for you can give your Big N Beasty and extra boost with nitrogen. Spreading 46-0-0 (Urea) over your Big N Beasty after 4 weeks or so right before a rain will give it a serious boost. This can and should be done to every Frigid Forage Big N Beasty food plot if you want the most forage per acre possible.

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