Real World Wildlife Products Dealer

Real World Wildlife Products Dealer

Feb 6th 2020

Real World Wildlife Products Dealer

We are excited to announce we are in the process of becoming a Real World Wildlife Products Dealer. We have seed on order as of right now. We decided to work with Real World because of the super high quality and the great quality of products that they offer. They are also the fastest growing food plot seed brand in the hunting industry.

Real World Wildlife just announced they will be selling a new exciting perennial food plot screen called Giant Miscanthus. Real World Giant Miscanthus will grow up to 13 feet tall when mature and only needs to be planted once. Now you can hide just about anything on your property.

We will be a stocking dealer for Real World Soybeans. These soybeans are becoming famous for their shatter resistance and high oil content. There have been many side by side tests against theses soybeans and the Real World beans blows away the competition.

Another food plot blend that is becoming famous is the Real World Deadly Dozen mix. You can purchase it in premixed bag or for larger plots you can simply plant the Real World Harvest Salad first and then broadcast the Plot Topper mix over the top. This blend has 12 different types of seed and will be sure to keep the deer coming back all season long.

Real World Wildlife Products Dealers also have access to Switchgrass, Bedding IN A Bag and also Native Grass Blends. If you are looking to improve the habitat on your property look no further than the high quality Real World varieties. Be sure to send us a message or give us a call if you have any questions about these seed blends.

If you are looking for the best wildlife food plot and habitat seed varieties for you property be sure and check out the Real World Wild Seed page.