Spartan Trail Camera - 2020 New Products

Spartan Trail Camera - 2020 New Products

Feb 12th 2020

Spartan Trail Camera - 2020

Have you heard? So what is new for the Spartan Trail Camera 2020 season.  There are a few new camera models coming from Spartan for 2020.

This is exciting! The Spartan Ghost Camera is now available in the AT&T 4G Ghost version. This camera has the same great features as the original Verizon. If you have been waiting for the AT&T version because to data signal strength in your area you can now order it. These cameras are in stock and available to order right now.

Spartan also now has White Flash GoCam cameras available. Some customers prefer a white flash camera for better night time images although all of the normal black flash models took very very good pictures. In some situations for security purposes the white flash camera will have an advantage.

There are some new non cellular trail cameras coming from Spartan Trail Camera as well. There are not a ton of details on these cameras yet but we do know that they will be smaller in actual size an will have a new type of flash that should extend battery life. These are sure to be made reliable coming from Spartan. Keep an eye out for these in the future if you are in the market for more non cell trail cameras.

Finally the most exciting news is a model coming in September! The Spartan Ghost Go Live camera. This camera will be the first ever to have live streaming capabilities. You will be able to access live streaming video through the Spartan app. Talk about cool! There are not a bunch of specifications out for this camera yet but it is believed to have most of the same features as the original Ghost model like an internal lithium battery, GPS etc. Sometimes it's hard to know all of the advantages of a new technology without using it first hand but we cannot wait to get our hands on one of these and put it to the test.

So there you have it. This is what we know is coming for sure for the 2020 season from the Spartan Trail Camera lineup. Be sure to keep checking on availability if you are interested in some of the new products.